Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Madras plaid and peace

I had to make the princess a little bitty pair of bermuda shorts. I copied a pair of RTW, I just didn't put the welt pocket on the back. I had this madras plaid patchwork fabric in my stash and it had baby girl's name all over it. :)

I used a new Ottobre pattern for the top.I used the girl's T-shirt pattern 03/06 #17. It has the cutest li'l sleeve detail. Ya'll know how I like detail.

You know I was thinking... when I was sewing this little top. I certainly do use my coverstitch machine a lot when I sew. I suppose it's because I sew a lot of knits. I told ya'll I didn't sew for many years when I had the shop. So after a long hiatus and selling the shop and retiring. I return to my love of sewing. So during my working career as business woman... many changes were taking place in the sewing world. Internet, message boards, Coverstitch machines. What in the world was a coverstitch machine? I'd never heard of one. I investigate and I like what this machine is capable of doing. The hem it produces looks just like RTW. With the binding attachment you can make awesome bindings. I thought... I need one of those. One of the best purchases I ever made. I'm not saying there's not a learning curve to using it... but well worth it! Love my Babylock Coverstitch!

I've got one more tablecover to make, then back to the fun sewing.

Happy sewing
See ya,


ShirleyC said...

You answered my question before I could ask about the coverstitch machine. I was wondering if that was what you used on the swimsuits. I don't have one so I guess I will "wing it" on my serger.
Darling outfit!

judy said...

I love this little outfit! I love my coverstitch machine too! Couldn't live without it!

Karen said...

The outfit is so cute. I also love my coverstitch machine. Karen

Joy said...

I agree on the coverstitch machine -- the sleeve bindings look perfect!

Do you ever have problems with cs needles leaving holes in the fabrics?

Peachy said...

Hey Joy,
No, I've never had that problem. Do you have a Babylock?

Levone said...

Gorgeous outfit! Just found your blog via and I love it. You do great work.