Friday, March 5, 2010

A li'l zebra

Another Ottobre pattern, Ya'll know how I love these patterns.

This zebra stripe made up just perfect for the princess.
I had this fabric in my stash from last summer. It was leftover from swimsuits I made for the 11 and 13 year old granddaughters.
I still have to make the pink/black fabric I got from Chez Ami. Hopefully it will get made this next week.

The next thing in line is round tablecloths for my daughter Tracy's shop. She needs more white tablecloths for her bridal registry. So I'm waiting for her to bring me the fabric... then I will be off-n'-runnin'... These range from 90"-120" round, cording etc. Thank goodness for my industrial machines. I'm thankful to be retired and able to make these table covers for her. When I had the shop... I did not have the time to sew. Retired and enjoying my play time.

Have a great weekend!
See ya,


ShirleyC said...

That is absolutely adorable! I can't wait to see the next one. My daughter said she had a couple of old swimsuits I could rip up and use for patterns.
I also love being retired. One day, I wish you would post about your machines.

Sara said...

that is so sassy and darling!!!!!!!!!! How great to have a mom to do those tableskirts!!!! And how fun to be able to do it for her!!!!

Julia said...

So very cute. I have just ordered Ottobre. I hear I won't be disappointed.

Cole's Corner said...

I'm enjoying your free time, too! I just love looking at your stuff!

Karen said...

Your outfits are all so cute. At the end of the month I will be fully retired. It is so much fun to sew for the grandkids.