Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ruffling grosgrain ribbon

I have had several people ask me about the technique I use for ruffling grosgrain ribbon. I use my trusty ruffler attachment for this. I've tried ruffling different grosgrain ribbons. I have found the regular grosgrain to be the easiest to use in the ruffle attachment. Please be sure you have the ribbon between the two little blades. They have serrated teeth that makes the ribbon move forward. You sew and it gathers.

In ruffling the two face ribbon(both sides finished). I found that I have to give the ruffler a little assistance. I get bamboo skewers from Walmart, they're inexpensive I think they're $.97 these things are worth their weight in gold, when doing certain task. Ruffling two face grosgrain ribbon being one of them. These things can be dangerous... Keep out of the reach of lil' hands!

Don't be afraid to poke that skewer up in the attachment. It's not near the needle... Trust me!

I have my machine on the same setting for doing both types of ribbon. I just give a bit of assistance with the two face grosgrain.

I'm showing the settings on my Memory Craft 6000... your mileage may vary!
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ShirleyC said...

Thankss for the tutorial. I will certainly have to try this in the future.

Juliane said...

Love this idea of ruffling ribbon with the attachment. I'll have to give this a try.