Saturday, February 13, 2010

Li'l Red Bird for the Princess

Well it's another birdie outfit for Audrey. I've used the Ottobre pattern again. I just seem to be stuck on European patterns lately. They always fit so well.

I used a different stitch for my top-stitching on the hem on the top and the shorts. It is a stitch that Kid MD used on a pair of red shorts. Her top stitching looked great! It really shows well. I think she called it a reinforced stitch.

Anyway, I sat down to my old New Home Memory Craft 6000 and was looking for this stitch. There it was... I have never used that stitch before. Lots of the others have never been used either. I tried it out, I love it!
The stitch goes like this... 2 stitches forward, 1 stitch back, 2 stitches forward 1 stitch back. Got it?... Clear as mud.

While I was top stitching those shorts, I thought... this stitch reminds me of something I had to do in the 6th grade. I got caught talking in the restroom. The punishment was this. The teacher had you start at 100, subtract 2, add 1, continue until you get to O. If you've ever had to do this you know it takes a while.
The math is a chore... but I really like this method for top stitching. Works well especially on a polka dot or print. In my opinion it shows up better than regular top stitching thread. Takes a bit longer, but worth it.

Have a great weekend!
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KID, MD said...

They look great!! I love all the details in this shorts pattern. Ottobre is wonderful. I'm glad you found my topstitching method useful!

Sara said...

that is too too cute!!! What fabulous pants!! I went over and checked out Katies topstitching. also fabulous!!! You two have inspired me to get out my Ottobres!!!

beachgirl said...

Adorable outfit! I love the aqua top against the red and white capris. I'm planning on trying that stitch on some shorts today.

ShirleyC said...

That is just the cutest outfit! I've never bought Octtobre patterns. I love those pants. I have also used that stitch. I believe my machine book calls it a stretch stitch. I've used it when the kids rip out the crotch of their pants. LOL

Anna said...

Hi. I also have the New Home Memory Craft 6000. What number is that stitch? Don't you love this machine! Thank you.

Peachy said...

Anna, the stitch # is 15. Yes, I have enjoyed my machine for many years.
Happy sewing!