Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sundress for Audrey

Gosh, how time flies. I have been away from my sewing for a couple of weeks now. I've missed it, but I've had other things going on. I just got this little sundress completed for my lil princess Audrey. She is such a fun lil toddler to sew for. Oh, but she hates to try things on. The pattern is "Gracie" by Portabella Pixie.

All for now
See ya,


Karen said...

The outfit is so cute. Karen

beachgirl said...

Peachy, It's ADORABLE! My "models" aren't too cooperative either. They run screaming when I ask them to come try something on.lol

judy said...

Your stuff is just so dang cute! Love it!!!

Julia said...

Oh so cute!!!

Vonnevo said...

Peachy, this little outifit is cute, colorful and oh so gorgeous !!! I sure wish I had access to these lovely fabrics in Oz.