Friday, April 2, 2010

Jalie Sweetheart for Tracy

You know I have been on a roll sewing the lil outfits for Audrey for a few weeks now. I think I need to make something for Tracy. I go through my patterns and come out with the Jalie Sweetheart pattern. Since I have not sewn for Tracy in a long time, I needed to make a muslin, so I can try the fit. This is some fabric I had in my stash, and it came out pretty well. I think for a trial run... it looks pretty good.

Now we need some fashion fabric. This is where it gets funny to me. My daughter is a fine decorator, window treatment, floral designs, wall prints etc. Putting all these things together very tastefully. Now show her a pic of a piece of fabric for a particular pattern design and she has trouble visualizing it made up. When she came over to try on the top I had made, she had on this cute top... wild, splashy, brightly colored cute top! I ask her if she had seen this fabric on a bolt would you choose it? Her answer...Never! So we're on a quest to find fabric she likes.

Happy sewing
See ya,


judy said...

I love this pattern! I made a couple for myself and they are still some of my favorites in my closet. I love the top you made for your daughter! Good luck on your fabric quest!

Cole's Corner said...

It looks great.
How I envy your mother/daughter fabric shopping trip- that's my favorite thing!