Saturday, January 30, 2010

Diapers for the baby dolls

Audrey my 2 year old granddaughter does love her baby dolls.

Tracy my daughter calls and says, Audrey got her a chair and climbed up to get her diaper bag and proceeds to pull out all the diapers. A total mess, but what's a toddler to do if her babydolls needs diapers. You share what you got, right?

So Nana gets busy and makes diapers for the babies.

I found a free diaper pattern here

OOPS! I just noticed I sewed my velcro on different than instructed. Mine laps from the front to back, suppose to be back to front. Oh well...a senior moment!


Cole's Corner said...

Oh wow! Those are sooo cute. I'm off to find that free pattern!

ShirleyC said...

Oh my gosh! Those diapers are the cutest things. My DGD also loves baby dolls. Thanks so much.